2018 Organizational Meeting – Tuesday, January 2, 2017

2018 Organizational Meeting
Tuesday, January 2, 2017 @ 4:00 PM

1. 4:00 PM Call to order
2. Setting dates and times for Regular Board Meetings 2nd Tuesday each month, Town Hall at 6 PM.
3. Official Banks: Community Bank, N.A., Clifton Springs
Canandaigua National Bank, Shortsville
4. Supervisor’s Bookkeeper: Janis Catalano ($18,000 annual)
5. Deputy Town Supervisor: David Phillips
6. PT Deputy Town Clerks: Jill Havens and Michelle Hicks (14.50/hr)
7. Deputy Highway Superintendent: William Murphy ($2,080/annual)
8. Town Health Officer: Carol Kerns, RN ($1,500/ann.)
9. Town Safety Officer: Michael Carter ($593.00 annual)
10. Official Signature: Jeffery L. Gallahan & Authorized Signature: David W. Phillips
11. Mileage rate: $.535 per mile
12. Code Enforcement Officer, Steve DeHond ($54,405/ann.)
13. Code Enforcement Officer, Martin Barnett ($37,080/ann.)
14. Registrar of Vital Statistics: JoAnn Henry
15. Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics: Jill Havens – Sub. Registrar Michelle Hicks
16. Attorney for the Town: Jeffrey Graff (150.00/hr)
17. Official Newspaper: Canandaigua Daily Messenger
18. Dog Enumerator: NA
19. Sole Assessor: ($28,000/ann.)
20. Account Clerk Typist: Vacant, ($11.44/hr) Laborer, Marlene DeGloma
21. Town Historian: Tim Munn, ($1,850.00 annual)
22. Zoning/ Planning typist part-time: Jill Havens ($14.50/hr)
23. Constables: John Chimmerra, Mike Blazey, ($14.63/hr.)
24. Court Clerk: Vicki Avery, Kate ($14.50/hr)
25. Supervisor: Jeffery L. Gallahan ($17,796/annual)
26. Town Clerk/Tax Collector: JoAnn Henry ($54,134/Annual) Deputy Tax Collectors: Jill Havens, Michelle Hicks ($14.50/hr) Records Mgmt. Deputy Clerk (PT) TBD ($11.97/hr)
27. Council Members: ($3,479 each of four- annual)
28. Highway Superintendent: Vacant ($66,615/annual)
29. Water Superintendent: vacant ($10,138/annual)
30. Town Justices: Katherine Denowski and Robert Gosper, ($19,362/each ann.)
31. Budget Officer: Jeffery L. Gallahan ($2,727/annual)
32. Board of Assessment Review: William Strub, Chair; Judy Romeiser, Thomas Coyne, Ruby Morrison & Marlene DeGloma
Chair $120 & members $100 per diem
33. Zoning Board of Appeals: Kenneth Blazey (Chair), Len Bolton,
Oliver Appleton, Mike Blazey & Thomas Morrison (Chair $400 annual and all members $35 per meeting)
34. Planning Board: Stuart Gwilt, Chair; Steve Buerman, Julie Vanderwall, Scott
VanAken, Ruby Morrison, Lee Sanders & John Boeckman
(Chair, $400 annual and all members $35 per meeting)
35. Agricultural Advisory Committee: Richard Maxwell, Chair; William Young,
Richard Wellman, Kurt Forman, George Mueller, Richard VanOpdorp, Thomas Morrison & John Sorbello.
($20 per meeting)
36. Transfer Station Operators: Terry Vienna, ($12.10 hr), Bill Burnett, ($12.60), Clay Whittaker, , & Robert Bump
(11.47/hr), (part time workers)

37. Committee Assignments:
A. Fire Districts: Kevin Blazey, David Phillips-Chairman
B. Town Buildings & Grounds: Kevin Blazey, Don Miller – Chairman
C. Zoning & Planning: Vacant, Dave Phillips – Chairman
D. Water Districts/Transfer Station: Vacant, Dave Philips- Chair
E. Health & Medical: Kevin Blazey, Don Miller–Chair
F. Procedures, Employee Handbook: Don Miller, Jeff Gallahan- Chair
G. Safety Committee: Vacant, Don Miller- Chair
H. Public Works: Vacant, Kevin Blazey- Chair

39. School Crossing Guards – (Pt) Mark Pappert ($11/85 hr) Anthony Cirulli ($11.85/hr) (Compensation shared with Villages of Shortsville, Manchester & Town of Manchester)
40. Highway Clerk, currently vacant ($10.50/hr)
41. Highway/Water Clerk pt Janis Catalano ($7,500/annual)
42. Highway: (MEO) $15.00-$25.74hr), Laborer (part time) (11.86/hr), Laborer (part time with CDL) (16.00/hr), Heavy Equipment Mechanic, ($15.00-25.74/hr), Laborer, (full time) ($$10.50-13.66/hr)
43. Resolution for petty cash fund – Town Clerk, $300; Water Collection, $100. & Justice Offices, $100 each
44. Resolution for re-adoption of Procurement Policy
45. Resolution for Highway and full-time benefit packages
46. Resolution to approve 2018 Organizational Agenda Items with any changes
47. Resolution for Breach Notification Policy
48. Resolution for System Recovery Plan
49. Discussion of 2018 Board Goals
50. Set Public hearing for Tax Cap Override 2019 Budget year, February 13, 2018.
51. Any other business
52. Adjourn Organizational Meeting

Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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